Welcome! My name is Tom, and I provide all-in-one solutions including corporate identity/branding and highly professional websites to small and medium-sized businesses.

Experience the Tomanow Quality Difference

Take your business to the next level with premium web production solutions.

My clients consistently see dramatically increased traffic, new leads, and greater brand loyalty after hiring me to build them a new web presence. I specialize not only in the design/aesthetics of each site, but in the functionality and search engine optimization. I build all my sites on the #1 content management system, WordPress, which makes it easy for my clients to update their own websites. I provide lifetime support for every project and guarantee complete satisfaction. Don’t take my word for it, look to the right and read what clients are saying! Read more testimonials…

I specialize in creating incredibly professional, high-quality, state-of-the-art websites that utilize the latest in responsive design and conform to the latest web standards.


Do beautiful things

Create simply elegant sites that customers respond to. My goal is not merely to present information, but to inspire emotional responses. A website should be enjoyable to interact with on many levels. Let your customers experience your brand. Differentiate yourself from the competition and be a leader in your industry. How do you want your customers to respond to your brand online?

Does your business have “it?”

You’ve got a company that provides products and services, but who are you? What kind of personality does your organization have? Establishing a brand isn’t as hard as you might think. Corporate identity is often seen as being comprised of corporate design (logos, uniforms, certain colors, etc.),corporate communication (advertising, PR, information, etc.), and corporate behavior (internal values, norms, etc.). My job is to integrate these principals into the online user experience your customers will have. It’s 2012, your biggest impressions will be made online and it is important to make them count.

Present beautiful images

Pictures convey tons of information. They tell stories, inspire emotions, and leave impressions on people. Every image you display should be of quality and meaning. Instead of thinking about the subjects you are trying to present with a photo, concentrate on the ideas and the mood you are trying to convey. My experience with photography spans more than a decade, and my images can add quality to your brand. I include photo shoots in many of my production packages so be sure to ask about one.


Advertising creates a chain reaction of impressions that turn into leads that become conversions. Get the ball rolling online where advertising is the most effective. I can help you create a strong advertising campaign where every impression, lead, and conversion is closely monitored to maximize the campaign’s efficacy.

Web designers are ad men (and women)

Copywriting is simply the use of words and ideas to promote a person, business, opinion, or idea. If it’s not on a billboard or on a full page spread in your favorite magazine, the copy is probably 12 inches from your nose on your flat panel LCD. You’re reading this aren’t you? This site is dripping copy from every paragraph! tomanow.com is one big promotion for everything I can offer you, including copywriting.

Let’s talk target market

Who is buying your product/service, and what motivates them? What kind of relationship do these customers need with your brand/company? How are you managing these relationships? Are you using CRM software? Marketing management is one of the major components of business management. I can help you bridge the gaps between your ideas, your website, and your customers.

I give free quotes and information about my services to any prospective clients. Simply send me an email or give me a call to discuss your project.